Kneipp area

Fit and active – the Kneipp area welcomes you!

Constructed in 2003, the Kneipp area offers a wide range of Kneipp treatments: Kneipp in the stream, foot reflexology path, herb garden, terrace on which to rest and relax. Use of the facilities is free.

What are ‘Kneipp’ treatments?

It’s the best and easiest way to improve your immune system and stabilise your circulation. The different sensations on your skin, circulation and the nervous system set off a series of positive reactions in the body. Kneipp treatments refresh you after long periods in the heat, after over-exertion and are perfect for the physical slumps that occur between 11am and 3pm.

Getting the most from the Kneipp treatments

Foot reflexology path

Walk barefoot over the foot reflexology path. After a short while, the foot reflexology zones for all of your vital organs, the circulation and the lymph glands will be activated. They then mobilise the muscles and the veins, helping to improve circulation in your lower legs.

When treading water in the stream, lift your foot out of the water with every step (in a stork-like fashion). Remain in the water until your legs become cold (30-60 secs). Then brush off the water and warm up your legs on dry ground.